Hello basketball lovers 🏀

I’m Irem Caliskan and as long as I know myself, I’ve been in this game. Since I was a little kid (5 years old), I’ve watched many matches and trainings. But to be a basketball player was a huge surprise for me. I began to play basketball in 2006, when I was 11 years old. So I’m from ’95 generation.

I played in youth setups of Migros, Fenerbahçe and DSİ Sports Club and for some reasons I had to quit it.

My father and my mother also had played basketball. My aunt has been one of the star coaches of youth setup of Turkish basketball, Leyla Çalışkan.

The biggest goal to write this blog is to share my experiences, my passion for it and daily news from the courts with basketball lovers.

I hope you enjoy it😇

İrem Çalışkan