With new players, new coaches and new systems, performance of both teams was object of curiosity. After legacy of Zeljko Obradovic, there was a NBA breeze on the court coming with Igor Kokoskov. This time, fast basketball has created the center of Fenerbahce. Sasha Obradovic was back to his roots as the head coach and it could be a positive effect on Crvena Zvezda.

The match started with Hall’s shot over Barthel. Lazic had an early foul problem while trying to stop Ulanovas. After a hand-off, Colo penetrated inside and found Ulanovas in the corner for a successful 3 pts shot. Loyd answered back with a similar play, finding Jagodic for another successful 3 pts. Colo played double with Barthel but Barthel’s attempt on 1-1 was resultless. Hall played double with Kuzmic and found 3 pts fast. Lorenzo played with Vesely, get the ball from him in color zone and finished nicely. Crvena Zvezda found easy points with Davidovac quickly. Colo saw the empty corridor, 3 defense players tried to stop him but he found Ulanovas outside again. Ulanovas finished with 3 pts. Davidovac tried to make a 3 pts shot, Walden got the rebound, played double with Reath. Loyd got the ball and tried 1-1 but a block came from Vesely. Barthel played a low post game, double team came. Vesely was free in color zone and finished with a dunk. Walden answered back with a nice 3 pts shot, making use of Colo’s spacing decision. Barthel again played in low post, found Dixon outside. Ulanovas got the pass from Dixon and finished with another 3 pts shot. Bobby also played fast and found 3 pts twice. Reath was effective with chasedown point and penetration. The quarter finished with 24-20 score.

In second quarter, there was a pattern that Dixon started the play, Vesely got the ball outside, hand-off to Melih. Melih tried to play double or used double screen but one of his shot attempts was successful. Loyd found the mismatch with Vesely and used it to make him get foul. Hall played double with Kuzmic and finished with 2 pts shot. Bobby also used mismatching and went towards to basket with a nice finish, catching the empty corridor. Jagodic penetrated but there was block from Hamilton. Kuzmic took the rebound and found Hall, Hamilton went for double team to stop him but he found Kuzmic free in color zone for a finish. With this finish, Kuzmic made 500th point in his EuroLeague career. There were 2 turnovers from Fenerbahce side. Loyd found Jagodic, he tried to play 1-1 but another nice block came from Hamilton. Crvena Zvezda’s transition games were resultless. Colo found Lorenzo’s run very well and Lorenzo finished with a dunk. Hall found Davidovac in the corner and 3 pts came from him. Simanovic tried to pass but Colo got the ball. Lorenzo found a corridor nicely and finished with a reverse lay-up. Reath tried to play himself after a offensive rebound but 3rd block came from Hamilton. Loyd made 2 pts from a fast play. Colo answered back with 3 pts in the corner with Lorenzo’s assist. The quarter finished with 42-30 score.

The third quarter started with Hall’s penetration and Kuzmic’s chasedown. Lorenzo found a corridor again through the basket and finished with 2 pts. Ulanovas supported him with a low post play. Both sides made turnovers reciprocally. Lorenzo found Vesely free in the corner after penetrating and Vesely made shot. Loyd found Hall fast and Hall found 3 pts. Pierre played 1-1 in the corner and when double team came, he found Dixon for another nice 3 pts shot. Crvena Zvezda couldn’t use the offense period effectively. Walden found 3 pts so fast, because Vesely stayed far. After Vesely’s resultless attempt, Kuzmic took 400th rebound in his EuroLeague career. Dixon and Walden were unsuccessful for making 3 pts but Dobric made a hard 3 pts shot over Lorenzo. To 22 seconds, Lorenzo used the mismatch with Kuzmic after Vesely’s screen and and Kuzmic made foul when Lorenzo finished with 2 pts. When Davidovac tried to throw the ball into play, Hamilton made a good defense and but the fall went outside. Dixon’s 3 pts attempt was unsuccessful. The quarter finished with 57-41 score.

In last quarter, Loyd made an offensive foul to Colo while penetrating. But Pierre also made an offensive foul while playing 1-1. Eddie took the ball from Colo, penetrated but he was about to lose the ball. He, then, found Melih outside, Melih passed Colo. Colo played 1-1 but a good block came from Walden. Hall found Walden in the corner, Walden penetrated and found Dobric outside for a successful 3 pts shot before defense settled down. And that meant 5-0 run for Crvena Zvezda. Colo penetrated near the end line and found Lorenzo outside. Lorenzo finished with 3 pts. Hall and Loyd made their 4th foul. Walden made a turnover. Colo take the oppurtunity of double team, when Vesely was free in the color zone, Colo passed him and finished with a dunk. Walden made another turnover and this was his 5th turnover. Lorenzo found Barthel in the corner and Barthel finished with 3 pts. Loyd also made a shot and it was his first successful shot for 3 pts. Eddie found his first EuroLeague points by playing 1-1 against Dobric. Walden made points even Vesely was there to stop. Eddie finished 1-1 play with 3 pts. The match finished with 77-63 score.

In this match, Colo showed his leadership and Lorenzo was there to support him. Ulanovas and Dixon’s 3 pts shots were so effective on the game. Bobby made 11 pts in 13 minutes. Fenerbahce made a good press throughout the match. Even Hamilton didn’t make any points, his blocks and good defense did so much work for the win. 6 players from Fenerbahce made 3 pts. Whenever there was empty corridor through defense, Lorenzo and Colo used these oppurtunities well. Vesely contributed to the team with rebounds. The interesting thing during the match was that Kokoskov and the technical team exchanged their ideas in 20 seconds of time-out and then Kokoskov gave the team instruction. There were a 4 offensive foul only to Colo. Colo was very effective for creating offensive opportunities for his teammates. But Fenerbahce could make only 4 pts from Crvena Zvezda’s 18 turnovers and they made 13 turnovers as well.

Crvena Zvezda played fast when it came to transition games. Loyd was the most effective player on this side but he missed most of 3 pts shots. He tried to cover it with drains. Hall and Walden found fast shots by playing 1-1 or double with center players. When a defense player went for double team, they found the free player well. Kuzmic and Reath contributed to team with their chasedown points and 1-1 plays. Dobric and Davidovac were effective with outside shots. But Walden made 5 of 18 turnovers himself and offensive fouls to Colo gave advantages to Fenerbahce. Finally, Fenerbahce got the win for first week of EuroLeague season.