On March 11, 2020, Pınar Karşıyaka and BC Kyiv stepped on the court for a rematch to see which team will go to the FIBA Europe Cup Semi-Finals. Pınar Karşıyaka came to the court with 7/7 win series, had outscored his rivals with an 22 points average until then and the team had stronger influence than BC Kyiv. The first game had been played on March 4, 2020 and Pınar Karşıyaka had got the win with 71-89 score.

After the jump ball, the first attack came from Karşıyaka and Jordan Morgan made first points of his team and the match with a drain. BC Kyiv answered immediately with Vyacheslav Petrov’s successful 3 points shot. Morgan made a fake and and a lay-up against defence players. Petrov saw Kyndahl Hill in the right position and passed him but D. J. Kennedy made an unsportsmanlike faul to stop him. Nusret Yıldırım finished Karşıyaka’s attack with a good reverse lay up against a good defence. BC Kyiv didn’t stop making good defence and stole the ball from Kennedy, Serhii Pavlov took the pass and made points quickly. Morgan also lost the ball among two defence players, Kasey Shepherd took the ball but he was about to lose the ball. The ball was taken by Marek Klassen, passed to Pavlov and Pavlov found Petrov at 3 points line, Petrov finished with a 3 points shot. That was Petrov’s second shot after the beginning of the match. Karşıyaka’s attack was abortive and Shepherd made a lay up against Karşıyaka’s defence. Brandon Triche penetrated inside and tried a lay up, it was unsuccessful but at least his defence player got the foul. Hill made 3 points shot with Bogdan Bliznyuk’s assist. In next attack, Kennedy passed Morgan the ball in restricted area, Morgan’s first try was unsuccessful but he took offensive rebound and finished the attack. Klassen was effective with double play. The score was 9-18 on behalf of BC Kyiv. Tony Taylor made a good lay up to catch up but it wasn’t enough. Blizynuk made easy points against Triche’s defence. Petrov took a foul defending Morgan but to me, it wasn’t a foul. He didn’t interfere Morgan himself. Triche made a good reverse lay up and showed that Karşıyaka was coming back. Metecan Birsen backed him up with a 3 points shot. The quarter finish with the score 19-20.

In second quarter, Pavlo Krutous made the throw-in but there was a miscommunication with his teammate and he threw the ball to BC Kyiv’s half court. If one of Karşıyaka’s players had run for the ball, they could’ve gone for a fast break but they couldn’t use the chance and the ball went out. In another BC Kyiv’s attack, there was a mismatch and Shepherd matched with Morgan but he chose to make 3 points instead of using the advantage of mismatch, the shot was unsuccessful. Karşıyaka’s head coach Ufuk Sarıca drew a set on Morgan, Sonsırma used throw-in, Amath M’Baye took the ball and penetrated inside but he couldn’t finished the attack. Morgan chased the ball and finished it. BC Kyiv’s attacks were abortive, so M’Baye used Morgan’s screen and made 3 points. Shepherd tried to pass the ball inside but Morgan stole the ball, passed it to M’Baye. Krutous was about to steal the ball but M’Baye passed Birsenthe ball, he finished the attack. In BC Kyiv’s attack, mismatch occurred between Pavlov and Triche, Pavlov used this advantage and made score with a foul by Triche. Sonsırma faced Klassen with a good defence but Bliznyuk found Hill who was free from defence inside and Hill made an easy score. Birsen made a good defence, stole the ball, went for making score but he couldn’t finished, at least he made his defence get foul. Pavlov made 3 points after dribbling and getting himself free but after good passes between Karşıyaka’s players, Birsen penetrated inside near the line and made score against the defence. When Pavlov went for a fast break, M’Baye made a foul but the referees didn’t indicate any foul, saying the ball was out. Pavlov stole the ball, tried to pass the half line himself but he lost the ball instead. Bliznyuk made another ball loss because of Karşıyaka’s double team and Semih finished the attack with a reverse lay up. Pavlov made score twice easily because there was no defence from Karşıyaka. Karşıyaka was ahead with the score 38-32.

When it came to second half, first attack and points were made by Karşıyaka with a good pass traffic. BC Kyiv couldn’t answer back. Taylor passed the half line, penetrated inside and passed Triche. Triche finished with a 3 points shot. This was second 3 points shot by Karşıyaka in 1 minute. Petrov stole the ball and they used a 3 points shot, it was unsuccessful but Pavlov got the offensive rebound and with a turn, he made score against Triche even Morgan came for double team. Bliznyuk passed the half line, Pavlov got the ball and made score with one hand against M’Baye’s defence. Karşıyaka was the side which couldn’t answer back and Petrov got the ball and Krutous made 3 points easily because Karşıyaka was slow to settle down for defence. Taylor, in return, penetrated inside, saw Triche’s run and Triche finished with a lay up. M’Baye stole the ball from Bliznyuk but threw the ball outside and made a turnover. Both sides slogged on making points for a while but Triche got the ball and made points with a turn inside. BC Kyiv turned back with no points and M’Baye found Birsen inside but he couldn’t finish. Instead, Morgan chased the ball and finished the attack one more time. BC Kyiv used a throw in after the ball had gone outside but Kennedy stole the ball. Taylor was about to pass the half line but surprisingly Bliznyuk also stole the ball from him. Klassen passed the ball inside, Petrov got the ball and passed to Hill. Hill made score easily because Kennedy left him alone inside. M’Baye took the advantage of his defence player’s jump and made 3 points easily. There was a miscommunication between Maksym Pustozvonov and Hill, that led to a ball loss for BC Kyiv. Karşıyaka got no points from offense and after a good pass traffic of BC Kyiv’s players, Hill found Pustozvonov at 3 points line and Pustozvonov shot was successful. Onuralp Bitim tried to pass the ball to Semih Erden inside but instead he gave the ball to Yurii Kondrakov and Kondrakov finished with a lay up against Birsen’s defence. There was a full court press from Karşıyaka and Kondrakov passed in frontcourt but the ball went to backcourt and that led to a turnover. The third quarter score was 57-49.

For last quarter, first attack came from BC Kyiv and it was abortive. Birsen passed the half line, found Sonsırma and got the ball back. He passed to Erden but there was a double team from BC Kyiv and he passed back to Birsen. Birsen made an offensive foul to Klassen by moving his arm but the referees didn’t see that. Klassen passed the ball very quickly, Pustozvonov made 3 points and they reduced the score gap to 5 points. Sonsırma found Triche at 3 points line, near back line and Triche’s shot was successful. BC Kyiv turned back with no points. Sonsırma tried a 3 points shot but he couldn’t made it. Erden got offensive rebound, tried to finish but Petrov made a foul. Petrov saw Pavlov in a right position and Pavlov finished it easily because of bad defence and thus, Petrov compensated his foul. Morgan’s shot was unsuccessful but got offensive rebound and passed to Kennedy. Kennedy finished with left hand. Shepherd tried to pass the ball but Kennedy stole it, passed it to Sonsırma, got back and finished with a dunk. Birsen also made a drain and Karşıyaka made 6-0 series since they were back from time-out. BC Kyiv attacked with no points and Kennedy made an offensive foul to Klassen when he was trying to attack after offensive rebound but the referees, again, didn’t see that. Triche saw Morgan’s run good and Morgan finished with score. Pustozvonov tried to answer with a 3 points shot but there was a foul. After 2/3 success from free throws Morgan swerved the ball to Birsen. Birsen passed it to Sonsırma, Sonsırma found Triche and Triche made a drain near to back line. Triche also tried to play one-to-one, couldn’t make it but Morgan got offensive rebound, saw Birsen’s run and Birsen made score. Bliznyuk shot was unsuccessful and Karşıyaka made score and made rival get foul with good passes. BC Kyiv was slow to make defence. But Pustozvonov didn’t give up, made 3 points and made his rival get foul at the same time. Kennedy finished Tony Crocker’s shot with reverse lay up after offensive rebound. When Bliznyuk penetrated inside, Crocker stole the ball and Birsen finished the attack with a dunk easily. BC Kyiv made a turnover. Crocker made another 3 points but a young player from BC Kyiv, Illia Zaiets answered him back with a 3 points shot. Sonsırma used the screen and he also made 3 points. Pınar Karşıyaka got the win 88-67 score and also got the ticket for FIBA Europe Cup Semi-Finals.

Morgan from Karşıyaka and Pavlov from BC Kyiv were the dominant players of the match. Pavlov’s 23 points and 7 rebounds weren’t enough to make his team get the win but they made good defence no matter what happened. It also goes for Pınar Karşıyaka. Morgan and Kennedy supported his team with rebounds, especially offensive rebounds were effective on the win (Karşıyaka 44 rebounds-BC Kyiv 28 rebounds in total). The referees didn’t see some of the fouls to BC Kyiv, like an offensive foul. BC Kyiv also made too many turnovers if we would compare to Pınar Karşıyaka. Karşıyaka was unified on the court and this got them the win even they was off to a bad start in the first quarter.