Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahce Beko were on the court for the game of 24. week, on 23th February, 2020. The match was contentious but Anadolu Efes got the win by pushing the game in the last period.

After the jump ball, Anadolu Efes got the ball. Tarık Sezgun played himself but his shot fell short. There was a double team for Sarper David Mutaf but he found Ismail Karabilen after the pick&roll, Karabilen passed it to Saadettin Donat but he couldn’t finish. Sezgun found Goktug Bas running inside but Goktug couldn’t finish. Sezgun finished it over two defense players. There was a ball loss from Fenerbahce side but Efes’ offense was also abortive. Karabilen took the ribaund, Fenerbahce came fast as 4-2 but they couldn’t made score. Efes also came fast and Sezgun finished with a dunk. Efes made a full court press and pushed Fenerbahce to make 8 seconds violation. Fenerbahce found the first score with Mutaf’s free throws. Efes made 3 points with Eren Has. Efes’ defense crowded together on one side of the court (they did it twice in the first quarter) so Mutaf was free. Donat found him and he made 3 points as an answer to Efes. Mutaf also made another score passing two defense players and Fenerbahce caught up Efes.

There were two defense players defending one player so Mert Emre Eksioglu was free but Fenerbahce didn’t use it. Efes took the ball, Enes Bayraktar passed Has and he finished with penetration. Bayraktar also played pick&roll and penetrated himself, made score over Donat. There was full court press on both sides. Eksioglu used the screen, found Karabilen and he made 3 point. Ozan Yılmaz and Goktug Bas had a communication gap, it made them loss the ball. Donat penetrated inside, pass to Ege Ulker outside and Ulker mede 3 points, making Fenerbahce take the lead.  Efes caught up with Sezgun’s free throws. After scores for both sides, the period was over with 17-14 score.

In the second quarter, first attack came from Fenerbahce. Berkay Yılmaz penetrated, found Ulker outside, he penetrated and finished with a lay-up. Bas stole the ball in another Fenerbahce attack, passed Bayraktar and he finished with dunk. Fenerbahce attacked fast. A long pass came from Yılmaz to Eksioglu. Eksioglu passed Sayhan Yetkin because all the defense players ran into restricted area and he made 3 points as answer to Efes’ attack. Bekir Mert Tarla used the screen, penetrated inside and made score. Mutaf used Donat’s blocking, tried to score but it was unsuccessful. Donat got the ribaund, tried to finished but was blocked, took the ribaund again and found Eksioglu. Eksioglu penetrated to left side and made score with right hand. Efes made score by free throws. Yılmaz passed Karabilen, ran to the middle, took the ball to make 3 points and was successful. He also stole the ball right after the scoring and Fenerbahce made another score. There was a strong defense from Fenerbahce. But after an abortive attack, Fenerbahce couldn’t settle fast for defense and Yusuf Eren Akbıyık made score with Bayraktar’s assist. This time, Efes couldn’t settle for defense and Sayhan Yetkin made 3 points. No points came from both sides for a while. Yılmaz got the ball, penetrated and found Yetkin outside free. There was a communication gap between Efes’ players to share the players for defense after double team and Yetkin made another 3 points. The quarter finished with 30-35 score.

First score came from Fenerbahce side. Eksioglu penetrated, passed Donat and he finished with 2 points shot. Tarla also used the screen, penetrated inside and made 2 points. There was a full court press from Efes but Fenerbahce came fast. Eksioglu and Yigit Onan played double and made score. Tarla answered back by playing double with Sezgun. Mutaf missed 3 points near the end line, Bayraktar came fast and finished with a lay-up passing through two defense players. There was miscommunication between Efes players and that cost them score. Sezgun took the ball to shoot and made score. Donat didn’t show hand to shots mostly in the match. Fenerbahce made score with Onan’s free throws. Tarla played himself but there was no help from Karabilen so he made score. There was a 3 seconds violation by Karabilen. He stayed in restricted area for 4-5 seconds. Both sides made 3 points one after another. Mutaf took the ball, because two Efes players bumped into each other, he went for a lay-up but a block came from Bas. He got the ball to attack, penetrated and passed it to Sezgun. Sezgun finished with dunk. Tarla also stole the ball and made dunk right after that. Efes took the lead. Donat found Yetkin, he penetrated but his try was unsuccessful. Donat got the rebound and finished. Tarla got the ball, saw the empty corridor inside and made score with penetration. But there was no help from defense of Fenerbahce. Third quarter finished with 52-52 score.

For last period, first score came from Fenerbahce with Ulker. Yusuf Eren Akbıyık penetrated after screen, passed Sezgun and he finished even Fenerbahce defense tried to stop, made defense get foul. Free throw was successful. Ulker made score with shot after dribbling. Mehmet Orhun Arabacı penetrated and finished against defense. Second basket foul came from Fenerbahce. There was a good defense from Efes, stole the ball and made score. After throw-in, Karabilen went through defense players, passed Donat and he made score. There was a ball loss by Bas. Donat found Eksioglu outside, passed and Eksioglu made 3 points freely. Tarla’s help was unnecessary. Fenerbahce caught up Efes. Tarla penetrated and made score with shot, compensated his mistake quickly. Donat’s show up wasn’t enough to stop. There was a pressing defense from both sides. During an Efes throw-in, Eksioglu stole the ball and made score. Efes came fast, passed through Fenerbahce’s full court press and an alley-oop came from Sezgun with Bayraktar’s assist. Mutaf’s score try was unsuccessful. Bayraktar passed quickly, Has couldn’t use the pass from Ozan Yılmaz but with offensive rebound, he finished. There was a block from Sezgun to Eksioglu and Has finished the attack with an unbalanced shot, made defense get foul. Donat tried to get the ball during a throw-in but Sezgun stole the ball and finished with dunk. Has also made score quickly with Bas’ assist. The match was over with 80-74 and Efes’ win.

There was full court press from both sides (from Efes mostly). There was also miscommunication between players for defense and sharing players time to time. Especially, Efes crowded together in one side of the half court and that cost them easy points. But there were good double plays and they went through full court presses with good passes. The dominance of Efes in the last quarter with double plays made them get win.