On March 13th, 2020, 1881 Düzce Belediye S.K faced off against Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor for TBL’s 23. Week. For last 24 matches, when Fethiye Belediyespor was ahead with score average and total rebounds, Duzce Belediye came to the forefront with offensive rebounds and blocks.

The match started with Fethiye Belediyespor’s attack. De Angelo Darnell Riley got the ball at high post and passed Sercan Ergin outside, Ergin finished with 3 points. Gokturk Ural played one to one at low post, found the space but couldn’t finish. Hasan Yigit Seckin got the offensive rebound, passed outside. Mert Ali Sert didn’t use shot, preferred playing double and made score. In next attack, Erick Bernard Neal tried to penetrate from left, two defense players came for help but it created a space for Utku Yucedag. Yucedag got the ball from Neal and made 3 points. Mutlu Akpınar answered back with 3 points after fast passes and made defense get the foul, making 1 point more by free throw. Lamonte Travonn Bearden penetrated inside passing his defense but nobody came for help, instead Mert Gizir jumped to show hand but couldn’t stop Bearden. Neal answered back by using the advantage of the defense’s tardiness. Duzce Belediye came fast. Bearden saw  Sert’s run and passed but Sert had trouble with controlling the ball, tried to pass outside. Ural also had trouble and pass again but the ball went to the back court, causing violation.

Fethiye Belediyespor kept making 3 points using defense’s mistakes like wrong settlement. There was a push from the offense player to Sert but the game didn’t stop. Bernard saw Seckin down the court and Seckin finished with a reverse dunk. But Fethiye Belediyespor made a 7-0 series with Gizir’s 3 points. Duzce Belediye’s ball losses gave Fethiye Belediyespor an advantage and they used it with fastbreaks. There was a good pass to Sert from Ural and Sert finished it with a dunk. Quarter finished with 23-30 score.

Second quarter started with Duzce’s attack. Ural penetrated inside but used a bad shot. With Ergin’s bad pass, Duzce Belediye attack again. Genco Ozan Dilik penetrated near the end line and made score. Riley found a mismatch and finished well. But Fethiyespor’s defense piled up into one side of the area after Duzce’s offensive rebound and Ural made 3 point by using the advantage. Scores and ball losses came from both sides. Seckin threw the ball to Barıs Erdogan, Duzce came as 2-1 but Erdogan used a 3 points shot instead of penetrating and playing double which could be an easy point. Fethiyespor kept making score from inside and outside. Talat Altunbey got the ball at high post. Riley used the advantage of his defense’s instant inattentiveness, got the pass from Altunbey and made a dunk. Sert used an unsuccessful 3 points shot but Omay Yıldırım got the rebound and finished making his defense get foul. The free throw was successful. There was also a block from Yıldırım to Doğukan Sonmez but Sonmez got the rebound and made the score, the defense got the foul. Yıldırım and Bearden made 2 points for each one and the quarter finished with 42-51 score.

First attack came from Fethiye Belediyespor in third quarter. There was a foul made against Neal during the show up. But Fethiye couldn’t make the 24 seconds count. Akpınar used Yıldırım’s blocking and made 3 points. He waited for a defensive foul decision but a technical foul decision came from referees for Akpınar. Ural pushed through the defense, tried to pass but Sert fell down with his defense. With fast passes, Yucedag finish with fastbreak. Bearden penetrated, Sert ran into the restricted area and got the ball from Bearden, made the score with a reverse lay-up. Riley passed the ball to Murat Erensoy. His 3 point shot attempt was unsuccessful but Yucedağ took the rebound, saw Erensoy’s run. Erensoy finished and his defense got the foul. Mehmet Ali Erdogan tried to pass the ball down to Riley but Riley was pressed with a good defense. Sert stole the ball. Bearden found Yıldırım and Yıldırım finished with 2 points. There was also a good 3 points shot from Bearden after fake. There was an unsportsmanlike foul by Sezgin Eris to Seckin. For another Duzce attack, Erdogan penetrated through the defense, couldn’t make score but Seckin tipped the ball. Gizir penetrated but there was double foul, one normal foul by Akpınar and one unsportsmanlike foul by Seckin. 3 points came from free throws of Gizir and the quarter finished with 64-69 score.

Both sides started with bad passes in fourth quarter. Erdogan penetrated but was pressed. He passed Sert but Sert used a bad shot and made an unsportsmanlike foul after that. One of the free throws was successful. Both teams made 3 points reciprocally. Bearden penetrated but there was a foul. Duzce Belediye players didn’t go in for rebound after the last free throw. There was a full court press by Fethiye Belediyespor. Bearden played pick and roll with Sert. Sert was about to finish but there was a goaltending violation by Riley. Referees didn’t give the score and Ural got a technical foul. Attack came from Neal but Ural blocked him. Again Fethiye Belediyespor’s defense piled up into one side and Ural got free but his 3 points attempt was unsuccessful. Duzce pressed for full court. Neal penetrated, pass Riley but a block came by Sert. There was an illegal screen to Gizir by Sert, but referees didn’t stop the game. Then a miscommunication occurred between Ural and Akpınar and the ball went outside. Eris penetrated through 3 defense players and made score. But the quarter finished with 84-84 score and the match  went into extra time.

In extra minutes, there was a good double team by Fethiye and Yıldırım lost the ball. Eris used a 3 points from far away and made the score. Ergin got the ball at high post, there was a miscommunication between Duzce players to share their man and to switch. And it created a space for Fethiye, Gizir run to the basket, got the ball from Ergin and finished. Erdogan found the corridor and finished with a reverse lay-up against Sonmez. The match finished with 88-92, Duzce Belediye got back well but Fethiye Belediyespor got the win.