Konyaspor and Manisa Buyuksehir Belediye SK stepped onto the court for TBL 24.Week. This could be one of the tense matches I watched because of technical fouls and some decisions of the referees. Konyaspor has stepped fourth with 2 and 3 points while Manisa Buyuksehir Belediye has been ahead with rebounds for last 24 matches. Both sides used 3 points shots many times but there were double plays time to time.

The match started with Konyaspor’s attack. Mitchell Douglas Wilbekin penetrated but bumped into the defense. Fortunately Trey Samuel Porter got the ball and made score. Both sides’ attack was scoreless for a while. Then Alican Guney took the advantage of Konya’s slow defense settlement, found Cenk Sekeroglu’s run and Sekeroglu finished with score. Mehmet Ozdogan used the screen but there was good help defense. Wilbekin used a hard 3 points shot but couldn’t make it. Isiah Jubree Umipig also made 3 points shot quickly but it was unsuccessful,too. Manisa Buyuksehir players didn’t go for offensive rebound. Both teams could make only 2 points for 2 minutes and half. Alp Karahan played pick and roll with Porter, Porter passed Wilbekin but Wilbekin’s shot was resultless. Porter swerved the ball, Osman Gokhan Sirin got the ball but rest of the players ran back rotely. Ozdogan used the screen but he travelled because of Brayon Jamar Blake’s good press. Umipig tried to penetrate inside but there were two defense players tried to stop him. Guney was free but Blake got the pass and couldn’t make score. Porter passed Karahan and Karahan finished with a perfect 3 points jump shot.

Özgür Sahin got the ball from Sekeroglu and penetrated from left but the help came. Blake penetrated this time and made a hard score, he also made his defense get foul making 1 point more. Porter found Ozdogan, passed and Ozdogan finished with 3 points against hand show. Sekeroglu couldn’t box his defense out so the defense interfered with the ball. Karahan made an alley-oop pass and Porter finished with dunk. But Umipig answered back with 3 points shot. For next Konyaspor attack, Manisa Buyuksehir made a good defense. Ozdogan’s shot resulted as airball. There was a blocking foul by Azizcan Ozdemir in my opinion but the referees didn’t think so. The quarter finished with 16-13 score.

Second quarter started with Wilbekin’s 3 points shot. But Sahin answered with another 3 points shot at the last second even Konyaspor made good defense. Both sides made more 3 points shots in series. Tufan Onen passed Ibrahim Yıldırım quickly and Yıldırım penetrated but the help defense stopped. In Manisa Buyuksehir attack, Umar Atın pushed Onen and got offensive foul. Because Blake defended Onen in the wrong angle, Onen got free, took the ball and made score. Eray Aydogan’s shot over dribbling was abortive, Berkay Sinirlioglu made a long pass to Yıldırım and Yıldırım finished fastbreak. Yıldırım lost the ball during the screen, Sekeroglu went for fast break and finished with dunk. Konyaspor used a 3 points shot too quickly but Manisa Buyuksehir lost the ball by Umipig’s pass by rote. Dilmac forget his man near the end line by staying at the high post and he looked for a man to make defense but at that time Sirin got the ball and made 3 points. The quarter finished with Porter’s dunk and 44-35 score.

Konyaspor started the quarter with ball loss. Manisa Buyuksehir came as 3-1 but couldn’t use the advantage before Konyaspor defense settled. Guney passed Sahin outside and Sahin made score. A double team came to Ozdogan but he could pass Karahan, Karahan made a hard 3 points shot. Karahan also found an empty corridor and made another 2 points, there was no help from defense. Blake responded with 3 points shot. Karahan found Porter at low post and Porter made score because there was no defense by Guney. Manisa Buyuksehir made a good press and Karahan made turnover. Manisa Buyuksehir’s attack was resultless. Karahan came quick, found Wilbekin. Wilbekin penetrated through the defense and finished with lay up. Umipig got the screen but he made a bad pass. Wilbekin stole the ball and passed Porter. Porter should’ve finished himself because there was a mismatch but instead he passed back. There was an obvious traveling by Wilbekin but referees didn’t give any decision for traveling. I thought that they considered it as zero step. Actually, this rule changes the result of matches because it makes referees’ head confused. They even make different decisions. Manisa Buyuksehir bench got a technical foul. Guney also made traveling. Referees could’ve considered the position as zero step but they gave the decision as traveling quickly. This made a big confusion. Guney pushed his man in a no ball position, there was a foul but he rejected so he got a technical foul. There was a full court press by Manisa Buyuksehir. Ozdemir boxed his defense out well and made score. Umipig made another 3 points. The quarter finished with 63-51 score.

When it came to last quarter, Sinirlioglu made an unsportsmanlike foul to Sahin. Sahin made 2 points by free throws. Konyaspor stopped Manisa Buyuksehir with good defense but Karahan got a technical foul during throw-in. Porter made 2 points by free throws as a result of the defense’s foul. Both sides made turnovers reciprocatively after Umipig’s 3 points. Umipig forced the position against 2 defense player and lost the ball but instead, he could’ve passed the ball to Blake because he was free and at the good angle to take pass. Onen passed Porter, Porter penetrated and made a 2 points shot. Umipig made another 3 points shot after screen. Yıldırım went for a lay up but when he threw the ball, Blake touched the backboard and made violation. Referees gave 2 points to Konyaspor. Karahan made an offensive foul to Mert Ulutas during the screen. Tolga Kaan Birer took the ball at low post from Umipig, found Bulut Altın’s run. His shot was successful. Porter took the ball at low post and gave it back to Onen. Onen made 3 points at last second. Karahan found Yıldırım for fastbreak and Yıldırım finished. Umipig made 3 points again because Porter didn’t come for show up. Manisa Buyuksehir made good press and Onen made an offensive foul in my opinion. Again, there was no decision as foul. Altın made an unbalanced shot, Sekeroglu took rebound and made defense get foul but he missed the free throws. 3 points came from Ozdogan. Altın lost the ball with bad pass and Yıldırım found Onen’s run. Onen finished the attack with dunk. The match finished with 83-67 score and Konyaspor got the win.