I couldn’t post anything for a while, because I had to write a dissertation and pass final exams. Finally, I’ve graduated!

But during the pandemic, not only did I complete my tasks, but I’ve also found my place in basketball family again. I’ve reached many people who work as coach, player, referee or manager and basketball lovers, of course. I had no intention to do broadcasting at first, but with a basketball coach’s advice, I decided to take the advantage of being online and expand my basketball capacity beyond my rusty limits. Now my limits show a different level and in the future, it will show advanced levels. I believe that.

I’ve also got that because you don’t pass enough (?) years in basketball family as a player, coach or referee doesn’t mean you can’t talk about basketball, can’t write about basketball and can’t show your passion. It’s somewhere inside you, even you study Mechanical Engineering for 5 years. If you know that, go for it!

This year, I’ve decided to be a manager. Now, I’ve been getting lectures for this intention. But I didn’t set boundaries and I applied for Sports Management MBA program of Euroleague Basketball. They called me and decided that my background and English were enough to register. Yes, I was happy that I had potential to get the program but the financial side was the hardest part for me. I couldn’t afford it or find any sponsor in basketball family.

Then I found a program by FIBA Academy called Post-graduate Certificate in International Sports Management which is a collaboration of University of London and World Academy of Sport (WAoS). I’m so thankful that two coaches who are so intelligent and valuable have become references for me. Two years ago, it was impossible to imagine that.

Am I crazy? Absolutely! Am I stubborn like a goat? Yes, my neurons move in that way!

But these craziness and stubborness give me energy to go for what I love, what I’m into. I never work for one thing, because it’s not balance. If you want balance in your life, you should blend all the different ingredients in a decided and planned way. Don’t confuse the freedom with total mess! Now I have all the ingredients that I love.

Now, it’s time to create a chef-d’oeuvre 🙂