As a player from 90’s generation, I often see myself unlucky about the atmosphere in which I was. I couldn’t find the right people to improve my basketball abilities, fundamental, analytic thinking, game vision and so on.

First, when I began to play basketball, I wasn’t new to the game but I was new to the idea of being a professional player. I had been having fun during that time. A few months later, I had been one of the family. I had a good relationship with my teammates, my coach and the managers. Here is the bad luck that the club was about to change owners. After 10 months, I had to find another team. The managers from other teams came to pick players for their teams.

I had a call from one of them to join the trainings. And I was selected in a short time. But then I had seen something different. The coach was so nervous and yelled mostly. You can say that is normal but if there is no purpose or effective consequences of yelling, this is insulting. I was scared to ask what is for what, most of the time. When a coach pushes you, throws the ball at you, insults you when you say something, it’s hard to push yourself for more, for better. Some players may get motivation from those situations but I don’t believe anymore that it’s the best way to maintain the good discipline and work.

I think people misunderstand the concept of ”dominant coach”. Let me say what I get : A coach that leads the team effectively, lets them choose the way within coach principles, team philosophy and the goals for present and next seasons, lets them wonder what the purpose of the philosophy is and then show the way how to analyze all the parts of that. In my opinion, new generation is luckier for that.


Coach can strain away his or her work and yell but it shouldn’t be confused with psychological violence and insulting. Coach should create a strong connection to his/her players, should understand what they need and then explain his/her needs. Players are there because they want to do their best and be an amazing player. If they played basketball just because it looked so cool or their family pushed them, that player wouldn’t go too far because no passion was involved in the game.

Let’s think it in the opposite way; sometimes coaches get manipulated by their players. Why? Because they have no knowledge of being a ”team”, of respect to leading person, of improving his/her capability by learning all the experiences and the perception from the teacher. All the knowledges in strong relationship with logic and science of the game are precious comes from coach if player can analyze it effectively, can get the favorable parts and doesn’t plug the communication channels.

They all start with the family. Then the coach adds other parts to specialize player’s character. But if player channels the energy into manipulation and ego, not only will he/she create a barrier for himself/herself but it will affect all the members of the team. Player should change the frequency to the right one and be open to take or no one can help the player, even the best coaches of the world.


A manager monitors all parts and actions in that atmosphere, but it shouldn’t be only ”monitoring” and doing paper stuffs. Manager has to make a path to the coach, players, other staff, has to manage all human relations and understand what they need and how to create a solution. Manager should listen to all members of team. Manager and coach should also complete each other. If coach has problems with the team, manager should support as hard as he/she can without pushing coach. If manager sees defects in team, team philosophy, plannings, he/she should share it and take action with coach to prevent misunderstandings and new problems. If players have problems, manager should listen to all sides of the situation, analyze it with all sources available and then make a decision. All members of the team can explain themselves right only in an atmosphere with strong, reliable human bonds and free space.

You can be the best player, best coach or best manager with your basketball knowledge, performance and leading abilities, but blend it with strong communication and analytical comprehension capability, then you are the best of the bests.