Many players begin to play basketball in early years and basketball covers their life mostly. They look at it as the future and work for it, maybe 3 times a day, maybe everyday. Their personality takes form day by day. Team atmosphere is also effective on this forming process.

During that time, young players go between school and trainings. Some of the players are successful at school while some of them struggle with it. At this point, support of family, coach and managers is really important. Because when you plan to become a professional basketball player and to earn money by it, education makes you aware of your specific goals, main reasons to decide something, values, characteristics and more.

Because a player loves math and basketball at the same time doesn’t mean he/she has to choose one of them. On the contrary, math is an essential part for playing basketball. Biology? Players begin to understand of human body. Physics? Players shape a move in their mind with the decision of speed and angle of the move before they perform it. But could they know it by themselves at younger ages? Could they assess the importance of education?

They can decide and say ” I want to be a professional player and make money ”. Everybody has to make money to live and wants to make it in the direction of his/her desires, dreams, purposes. But performing it and understand their trip mean that players must assess every part of their life. So families, coaches and managers must explain importance of every part and be an effective example. If a coach has nothing but only basketball, player will copy that. It will come to him/her ”normal” and he/she will reject all other parts. ”Okay, that’s enough for me”. Is it so?

Another problem comes to the surface when they reach the level of A team: NO PLANNING AT ALL! ”WHAT AM I DOING HERE? NOBODY TOLD ME THAT THIS WAS GOING TO BE SO HARD.”

First, ”Professional” means that player chooses a career path. But does player have a map to keep going or would player choose to earn money and step aside? What happened to his/her basketball passion? It have crushed under the necessities of being professional and expectations. Because player’s achievements in youth setup made him/her and the family think that with this background, everything desired was possible. But the truth was beyond that.

Every piece of education players choose and put in their life gives a hint about where their trip heads to. That is how the map takes form. Because nothing is unchanging except the change itself. Planning is really important before starting something. If it’s about career and your whole life, it’s important twice. Without putting some road signs, players will be lost and lose desire to play, will find a good seat at the bench.

Second, every player can’t be professional. Conditions like sports injuries can block them. But if they move with a plan and improve themselves with education, it won’t be such a big problem for them. With effective choices, they can still take a part in basketball family, help younger generation to create a path, warn them about the benefits and the risks. Or they can choose a new path but earlier experiences won’t be a waste. Actually, these experiences say something about who they are, where they come from and what they are capable of. Every problem they face becomes familiar and maybe they already know the solution.

At the end of the day, the control of their life will be in their hands! (Mostly!)