Turkey Women’s Basketball National Team Through FIBA ​​2021 Women’s European Championship

First of all, I congratulate our Women’s Basketball National A Team and its technical staff once again because they have qualified for FIBA ​​2021 Women’s European Championship. Generation transitions in national teams can be a stressful process in terms of both system and team communication, but once the organization is established on a solid foundation, success will follow it. And this solid foundation is inextricably linked with the quality of the country’s basketball infrastructure and its own basketball philosophy.

While I was reading Tilbe Senyurek’s interview in a basketball magazine in 2019, I came across the following sentence: “Our priority is always to be on the podium.” Yes, the basis of basketball lies in competition and match winning, but I think that is a common mistake which we mostly make because this priority ranking is directly oriented to the podium. As a country, we have been experiencing serious difficulties in making our basketball a strong and productive ecole with medium and long term planning. We forget that, in fact, if we become a valuable basketball country first and make it sustainable, success will already be a result of that.

Based on the performance of our national team in the qualifiers and other teams in the C group, I can say that cutting other than pick and roll and outer shots found with penetrations or quick passes will be effective. In the matches that I watched, the score came from cutting was too low. Tugce Canitez might be the only example in our team and made a great contribution to the team. Increasing the number of these options in the rotation will make a clear difference for the offense. One-on-one quick games of the guards, offensive rebounds, and especially fast breaks that will arise after stealing the ball in defense or the opponent’s bad shot choice are other points that will carry us to the positive side.

However, mistakes made in defence settling after scoring, wrong passing preferences, lack of communication, early offense chances given to opponent after bad shot choices, especially Hollingsworth’s frequent fouls while settling in low post or setting screen will put the team in trouble. After minimizing these mistakes, the scores to be found will be much more valuable and will bring the success that our team wishes. But I hope, in order to turn success into a long-term story, we will remember to put quality ahead of quantity as a country, and we will carry out much more self-sacrificing efforts to take our country’s basketball to the next level.